Myopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia Improvement – Month 3 Update

This is the continuation from part 1 of my vision improvement journey which you can read here:
Part 1 also goes over the things I’m doing to improve my vision.

I’m 45 years old, have been wearing glasses for myopia and astigmatism since about age 10. My latest comprehensive eye exam was conducted on April 20 2023 where I was informed both my myopia and astigmatism had worsened from the previous exam and I had also developed presbyopia.

OD SPH -4.25 CYL -1.00 Axis 055 Add +1.25
OS SPH -4.75 CYL -0.50 Axis 080 Add +1.25

I began pursuing natural vision improvement on April 30 2023 and saw significant gains through May 30.

I wish I could say my myopia continued the rapid improvement I had in May, but that’s not how it happened. Looking back it seems June marked a period of stabilization. I spent the month bouncing between 23 and 25cm (-4.34 to -4.00 diopters). I was more than a little concerned that this was the end of my journey or that I’d just been lying to myself about the improvements I had seen in May. That was until I started tracking my astigmatism and presbyopia numbers.

During the first half of the month the angle of my astigmatisms began moving around. When they had previously been stable at (R) 55 and (L) 80 degrees they now both shifted to 90 degrees. The astigmatism in my right eye steadily decreased over 3 weeks from -1.00 to -0.84, -0.64 and reached -0.51. Likewise the astigmatism in my left eye decreased to the point where I could no longer measure it at home by the same date.

About the same time I started measuring my presbyopia reading distance and was at 15cm in each eye. This decreased to (R) 13 (L) 14 by June 29.

That same day is when I made my first proper lens strength reduction and equalization. My order arrived for distance glasses at -4.00 SPH (both eyes) with no CYL correction. This correction gave me (R) 20/15 (L) 20/20 outside in full sun and 20/30 in both eyes indoors under artificial light. I also got a pair of -3.00 for working on the computer.

My myopia resumed its improvement with the first half of the month bouncing between 23 and 28cm (-4.34 to -3.57) and the latter half of the month stabilizing once again between 25 and 28cm. In terms of the Snellen chart my left eye caught up with my right at 20/15 outdoors and both reached 20/20 indoors while wearing the -4.00 glasses.

The astigmatism in my right eye continued to decrease until I stopped bothering to measure it at -0.20 in the last week of July. I can still tell there’s a slight difference between the lines on an astigmatism chart in the right eye but nothing in the left eye.

My presbyopia also improved to (R) 12cm (L) 11cm indoors, and 11 and 10cm outdoors.

As of this update I can now see the 20/10 line outdoors and can read about half of the letters on the 20/15 line indoors with my -4.00 glasses. I’d like that to stabilize at being able to read the 20/15 line indoors for a couple of weeks before I make another lens reduction.