Reversing Myopia – 4 Reductions in 6 months

This is a continuation from part 2 of my vision improvement journey which you can read here:

Today marks the 6 month point in my efforts to improve my vision with natural methods. I’m happy to report that the improvement continues and I’ve recently made another reduction.

Reductions so far
By way of review I was measured at -5.25 (combined SPH and CYL) on April 20 2023 at my last eye exam and started doing eye exercises, using reduced prescription lenses for close up, and spending as much time outside in the sun without glasses as I could on April 30th. By May 9th my optometrist reduced me to -5.00 but when I got those glasses they were again too strong so I went back to my old -4.50 glasses.

Jun 29th I reduced again to -4.00 and fully equalized my prescription and removed all astigmatism correction.

As of October 25th I’ve reduced for the 4th time to -3.50 which puts me at 20/20. The standard I’ve set for myself is that I need to be able to read the 20/15 line on the Snellen chart indoors at night under artificial light before making a reduction. I could have actually made this reduction earlier but other things in my life took priority over another reduction.

This will likely be the last update where I mention astigmatism until I get my next eye exam. As of today the astigmatism in my right eye has been too low to measure at home for 2-3 months. The only time I can tell there’s any difference at all between the lines on an astigmatism chart is when I’m very tired. So for all practical purposes I’ve ‘cured’ myself of astigmatism, all that remains is to see what the autorefractor measures me at for academic interest.

How To
I’ve managed to accomplish this improvement using a combination of methods, all of them are free and open source or in the public domain:

  1. The reduced lens method: Reduced Lens Wiki
  2. Vision therapy eye exercises: and WebMD
  3. The Bates Method: Bates Method Reddit
  4. Dr. Elliott Forrest Astigmatism Exercises: Eye Scan Therapy