How to Block Trolls and Idiots on Reddit

Is your brain starting to melt from the incomprehensible levels of stupidity you’re encountering on Reddit? Are you frustrated because the only interaction you have on Reddit is with trolls and bots? Are entire subreddits so filled with hate and vitriol you’re desperate to get them off of your home page? Well you’ve come to the right place to learn how to block Reddit.

How to Block a User on Reddit
Blocking an individual user is easy. Click on their u/[username] > click on the three dots next to their username > click “Block Account”.

How to Block an Entire Subreddit
Unfortunately you can’t block an entire subreddit so that you don’t see anything posted by any user of that subreddit. However you can remove all content from that subreddit from your home page. Click on the subreddit > click on the three dots next to “About Community” > click “Mute r/[subreddit]” > Click Yes to confirm.

Bonus! How to Stop “Personalized Recommendations” on Reddit
Reddit  uses the excuse of personalizing content to push certain topics you aren’t interested in as part of its political propaganda. To block reddit’s recommendation system click on your username > click “User Settings” > click “Feed Settings” > disable “Enable home feed recommendations”.

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