Europa Universalis IV

EU4 – Timelapse – Norse Atlantic Empire

This is my first game with the Rights of Man DLC and the 1.19 patch. Watch as I conquer/colonize the entire Atlantic coast as Norway! Songs Europa Universalis 4: The Snow is Coming – By Andreas Waldetoft Europa Universalis 4:…

EU4 – Timelapse – Papal Power

Watch as I create a sprawling Papal empire that utterly dominates 2 continents. This was one of the luckiest starts I’ve had in EU4 to date. It’s like my strongest potential enemies just wanted to bask in the glory of…


EU4 – Timelapse – Japanese Ring of Fire

Watch as I conquer/colonize the entire Pacific rim as Japan. Most irritating part of this game was when my colonial nations kept losing territory to uprisings. By the end things calmed down though and I was able to consolidate my…


EU4 – Timelapse – Rise of My Mongol Empire

Watch the rise of my largest empire yet playing as Mongolia. Ming took forever to fracture forcing me to take nearly 300 years to conquer them. The Ottomans proved to be a long thorn in my side as well, declaring…


EU4 – Timelapse – First American Empire

Watch the rise of my First American Empire playing as Wichita. This was my first serious colonization game and that might account for the fact that I ran out of time to finish colonizing the North American interior. If I…


EU4 – Timelapse – Ulm’s United Europe

As requested here is my attempt at a large empire starting as Ulm without ever allying Austria. Ended the game with 120k troops and a fleet of 150 heavies and 70 transports. Income ~300 ducats a month mostly from trade….


EU4 – Timelapse – Forming Germany as Frankfurt

Watch me form Germany from Frankfurt in 4 minutes. In this playthrough I was allied with Austria (the HRE Emperor) from 1492 – 1698. Fought off 3 coalitions and assisted Austria in 2 wars. By the end of the game…