The Lost Monk has found his way with the Dawnguard

Lost Monk

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Race:  Altmer
Gender:  Male
Age:  Middle-aged
Class:  Monk
Supernatural:  None
Apparel Style:  Heavy Armour
Combat Style:  One-handed
Residence:  Proudspire Manor


Weight:  Below Average
Skin Tone:  Fair
Complexion:  Clear
Scars:  Major
War Paint:  Medium
War Paint Colour:  red
Hair Style:  Medium
Hair Colour:  Light Brown


Talent:  Conjuration
Preferred:  Heavy armor
Backup:  One-handed weapons
Auxiliary:  Sneak

Family and Friends…

Spouse:  Dravynea the Stoneweaver
Children:  Clinton Lylvieve, Sissel
Steward:  Annekke Crag-Jumper
Follower:  Njada Stonearm
Familiar:  None


Ethics:  Lawful
Morality:  Neutral
Temperament:  Intrepid
General Tendency:  Sober
Demeanor:  Introverted
Sanity:  Very Stable
Motivation:  Nurturing
Deity:  Julianos
Piety:  Reverent
Habit:  Fingernail biting
Hobby:  Eating
Interest:  Nature

Faction Dispositions…

Blades:  Tolerant
Greybeards:  Dislike
Imperials:  Indifferent
Stormcloaks:  Tolerant
Companions:  Friendly
College of Winterhold:  Indifferent
Dark Brotherhood:  Tolerant
Thieves Guild:  Dislike
Bard’s College:  Tolerant
Dawnguard:  Adoring
Volkihar Clan:  Adoring
Forsworn:  Zealot
Thalmor:  Zealot
Vigils of Stendar:  Tolerant
Daedra:  Adoring

Social Dispositions…

Altmer:  Zealot
Argonian:  Indifferent
Bosmer:  Friendly
Breton:  Zealot
Dunmer:  Zealot
Imperial:  Hostile
Khajiit:  Indifferent
Nord:  Hostile
Orc:  Friendly
Redguard:  Indifferent
Children:  Dislike
Elders:  Indifferent
Vampires:  Friendly
Werewolves:  Friendly
Undead:  Hostile