EU4 – Timelapse – Japanese Ring of Fire

Watch as I conquer/colonize the entire Pacific rim as Japan. Most irritating part of this game was when my colonial nations kept losing territory to uprisings. By the end things calmed down though and I was able to consolidate my armies in Asia where I was having a few rebel issues of my own.

Mods Used:
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Carthoge Reloaded) – More Opacity + Dark Borders
A Rev. Font Mod – White

Europa Universalis 4: Open Seas – By Andreas Waldetoft
Europa Universalis 4: The Sound of Summer – By Andreas Waldetoft
Crusader Kings 2: Path to Glory – By Andreas Waldetoft
Crusader Kings 2: The First Crusade – By Andreas Waldetoft

Thanks to Dovska for his map tutorial:

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