The Long Dark Search & Rescue Series – Mod List

Mods used in my Search & Rescue Roleplay series of The Long Dark:
Ankle Support
Better Fuel Management
Better Mending
Better Night Sky
Better Stacking
Better Water Management
Bleak Bridge
Bleeding RV
Cache Control
Cannery Manufacturing
Choose Starting Gear
Clothing Pack
Clothing Tweaker
Disable Breath Effects
Durable Maintenance
Enable Feat Progression in Custom Mode
Enable Status Bar Percentages
Faster Searching
Fire Improvements
Fire Pack
Forge Blueprints
Free Look in Cars
Gear Decay Modifier
House Basements
Hunger Revamped
Kerosene Lamp Tweaks
Keyboard Utilities
Maintain Yourself
Map Tweaks
Mod Component
Mod Settings
Movable Containers
Placing Anywhere
Quicker Wood Cutting
Quick Witted
Radial Menu Utilities
Relative Consumption Time
Remember Breakdown Item
Remove Clutter
Shorter Reading Intervals
Show Map Location
Silent Aurora
Struggle Tweaks
Sun Orientation Fixes
Tin Can Improvements
Toggle HUD
Warm Food
Wolves Come Out at Night

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