Month: November 2019

ESO 1-Bar Magicka Templar Build for Solo PvE

1-Bar Magicka Templar Solo PvE Build for Elder Scrolls Online Video Intro Welcome to my 1-Bar Magicka Templar build and my first written build guide for ESO! This build is designed for solo PvE gameplay and is intended for players…

Playthrough of The Long Dark Wintermute Kicks Off

Join me for my first time playing through of The Long Dark’s story mode. The Long Dark is one of the best survival games on the market and is available for both PC and Consoles.

Obsidian’s Grounded Is Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Meets Rust

Obsidian looks to add its trademarks of storytelling and worldbuilding to the survival genre in Grounded. Read Full Story >>

Stadia is a Mess

Google’s ambitious new video game service is starting to look like a giant mess — and it isn’t even live yet. Read Full Story >>

‘The Batman’ Adds Up-and-Coming Juilliard Grad Jayme Lawson

Up-and-coming actress Jayme Lawson, who recently graduated from Juilliard, has landed a notable role alongside Robert Pattinson in The Batman, Collider has exclusively learned. Read Full Story >>

Three Things We Want from the Next Splinter Cell

At the tail end of last week, Ubisoft’s official (Spanish) Twitter account unbeknownst to anyone, decided to tweet a single photo of Sam Fisher in his traditional espionage garb and everyone who saw this photo absolutely lost it. Read Full…

Male Gamer, Female Avatar

Playing as a female character and my other video gaming quirks; an article on blurring the gender line as an avatar… Read Full Story >>

Alienware starts selling GPU upgrade kits for the Area-51m

Alienware’s Area-51m came onto the laptop scene at the beginning of the year with a big promise: that you’d be able to upgrade nearly every component of the laptop, including the GPU. Read Full Story >>

The Outer Worlds’ Sales Are Exceeding Expectations According to Take-Two

During Take-Two’s financial conference call for investors and analysts, the company’s executives talked about The Outer Worlds and more. Read Full Story >>

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 confirmed and it’s coming in 2022

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is coming in 2022, and that’s easily the happiest I’ve ever been to write a sentence with four twos in it. Read Full Story >>