Month: October 2019

‘Nearly All’ Counter-Strike Microtransactions Are Being Used for Money Laundering

“Worldwide fraud networks have recently shifted to using CS:GO keys to liquidate their gains. At this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced,” Valve says. Read Full…

Star Wars trilogy from Game of Thrones showrunners no longer happening

The new Star Wars trilogy – slated to begin in 2022 – has lost its creators. Read Full Story >>

Overwatch 2 artwork leaks through Blizzard store

Days before Blizzard’s annual fan convention, BlizzCon, is slated to begin, a new image of what appears to be Overwatch 2 has appeared online. Read Full Story >>

Sony Interactive Entertainment trademarks PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 in Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed trademarks for “PS6,” PS7,” “PS8,” “PS9,” and “PS10” in Japan, likely as security for future PlayStation platforms. Read Full Story >>

What Should The Next Generations’ Consoles Cost?

Video games can be an expensive hobby, with many new games going for $60 a pop. But believe it or not, it could be worse. Read Full Story >>

The Witcher Netflix series goes all Game of Thrones in new images

Ciri and Geralt are on very different paths in these new Witcher images… Read Full Story >>

7 Things I wish I knew before playing Outer Worlds

Here’s some tips about playing Outer Worlds. If you have spent time with Fallout you’ll feel right at home with this game. Read Full Story >>

Google Stadia is the first early access video game console

Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia, is launching on Nov. 19. Read Full Story >>

‘Fallout 76’ Now Has A Premium Monthly Subscription Fee, No Seriously

I had to do a double take when I first saw this news, as I couldn’t quite believe it. But yes, it’s true. Bethesda is giving Fallout 76 a premium monthly subscription with a bunch of new features locked behind it. Read Full Story…

Diablo 4 outed in ad for Diablo art book

Players have been itching for Diablo 4 news since Blizzard’s disastrous reveal of its mobile title, Diablo: Immortal, last year. With BlizzCon 2019 only a few weeks away, Diablo 4 had its first credible leak through the German magazine, GameStar. Read Full Story >>