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Skyrim Build: The Raven Blade

This is another simple Skyrim build that’s easy to pick up and play straight out of Helgen. Perking just 4 skills this build uses no crafting and does not require you to be the Dragonborn. I give you…

The Raven Blade



“The Bandit Chief sat counting his coin, blissfully unaware that his crew lay dead just outside, as a shadow moved silently through the camp with a terrible purpose.

What was tha-?
The words failed him as a faint glimmer in the candlelight suddenly exploded into a full forced two-handed slash across his back. Even as he turned to face his attacker he could feel his life force ebbing away by some unnatural and unholy means.
Just before the final blow cut across his neck he caught a glimpse of the blade, that blacker-than-midnight blade, that burned with the same insatiable thirst as could be found in the eyes of the master who wielded it.”


Race: Imperial
Stat Spread: 1 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina
Stone: Thief > Lord
Perked Skills: Two-handed, Light Armor, Alteration, Illusion
Weapons: Ebony Blade (until level 20 use the best two-handed sword you can find)
Armor: Diadem of the Savant, Blood Witch Armor (modded) or Vampire Royal Armor, or Vampire Armor red variant, Vampire Boots and Vampire Gauntlets, Ring of the Erudite, The Gauldur Amulet


Recommended Quests:
The Whispering Door
Unfathomable Depths
Forbidden Legend
Rings of Blood Magic


The Build
 I’ve always thought the way Falmer use invisibility is cool. They don’t sneak, they turn invisible to throw you off and make themselves harder to hit. I decided I wanted to do the same thing and went about creating a master of stealth, death, and all around fun who never needs to drop into sneak mode.

The Raven Blade uses the Illusion school to bend light and sound around her, rendering her virtually impossible to detect, until she chooses to strike. With robust defences–both physical and magical–and the absorb health effect of a fully charged Ebony Blade, she is capable of carving her way through hordes of enemies without having to stop to heal or pop potions mid-fight.

At her peak The Raven Blade deals about 60 points of damage per strike (30 physical, 30 absorb health). She has an armor rating above 300 including Ebonyflesh and the Lord stone, and she absorbs 30% of incoming mage fire plus resists 55%.

 Level 35 Perks

Key perks include Sweep which allows you to suck the life force right out of multiple enemies at once, and Wind Walker to maintain your stamina reserves to sustain the slaughter. But my personal favorite has to be Great Critical Charge, offering the opportunity to launch a devastating 2x critical damage hit out of the shadows to open combat.


In the early game The Raven Blade plays like a Barbarian with her greatsword and light armor. But the real fun begins once you can cast Invisibility. As you enter a dungeon or approach an enemy camp, cast Muffle, a Flesh spell, and then Invisibility. Enemies may sense a disturbance but most will be unable to locate you giving you time to line up a Sweep or Great Critical Charge attack, starting the fight on your terms.

If a fight proves too much for you to handle you have a couple of options. You can either cast Invisibility again and move away from the fight, causing most enemies to lose your scent, or you can use your Voice of the Emperor ability to calm them. This second option works very well when surrounded by enemies, giving you a window to pick them off one-by-one while their friends watch in a helplessly serene state.

Voice of the Emperor also comes in handy when you run into certain enemies who can detect you right through your magical cloak of shadows (I’m looking at you Forsworn Pillager’s!)

 Gameplay Demo Video
 I envision The Raven Blade as a member of the now-defunct Crimson Scar faction of the Dark Brotherhood. She has spent the last 200 years in hiding, coming out only when the time was right to strike at a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Finally, she has located the last remaining band of assassins and it is time to finalize her revenge.


Accepting Harkon’s gift as early as possible is a good way to roleplay this, it also gives you access to key items and quests. Two quests that I left out of the list above that tie into the roleplay side of this build are Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and The Taste of Death. Using the Ring of Namira is a great way to simulate the neck lacerations that gave the Crimson Scars their name.




 Blood Witch Armor
  • ApachiiSkyHair
  • Better Females by Bella
  • Vampire Ugly Face Remover -Dawnguard-
 2nd image – Samurai Wallpaper
3rd image – Female Vampire Sword Razor Wallpaper