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Skyrim Build: The Defiled Purge

Reason for this build: Because the armor combo is just so awesome!

The Defiled Purge

Defiled Purge


“That fool Harkon has wasted all the time I gave him to fulfill my destiny! Now the Dawnguard is on the verge of discovering the truth and destroying everything I’ve worked for. I need a Champion.

No! I need my Executioner!

Perhaps he’s finally learned his lesson down in that pit having his soul fed upon by the Ideal Masters. I’ll give him one more chance to serve me and prove his worth.”

-Molag Bal

Race: Orc Vampire
Stat Spread: 1 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina
Stone: Lord
Shout: Soul Tear

Skills and Perks
Level 52

Two-Handed: Barbarian 5/5, Limbsplitter 3/3, Champion’s Stance, Great Critical Charge, Devastating Blow, and Sweep. This build is heavy on offence and splits up the carnage evenly between his enchanted battle axe and destruction spells.

Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Fire/Frost/Storm/Insightful/Corpus Enchanter and Extra Effect. The second most perked skill and only crafting skill, used to bolster defences and create his weapon.

Conjuration: Novice – Expert, Summoner 1/2, Dual Casting, Necromancy, Dark Souls, and Twin Souls. This is used both for harvesting the souls of your enemies and for calling their corpses from the Soul Cairn to aide you in battle.

Destruction: Novice – Adept, Dual Casting, Impact, Augmented Shock 2/2, and Disintegrate. Searing flesh from bone is your speciality whether the power comes from your axe or your hands.

Light Armor: Agile Defender 5/5, Custom Fit, Unhindered, and Wind Walker. Because sometimes you get hit!

Restoration: Novice, Regeneration, and Necromage. While Restoration is never used directly, training will get you the coveted Necromage prize making you 25% more powerful in nearly every way.

Equipment / Enchantments

Headsman’s Axe: Shock Damage /  Absorb Health
Guard’s Helmet: Fortify Conjuration / Destruction
Vampire Armor (dark): Fortify Health / Health Regen
Stormcloak Officer Bracers: Fortify Light Armor / Magicka Regen
Stormcloak Officer Boots: Fortify Stamina / Stamina Regen
Amulet: Resist Fire / Shock
Ring: Fortify Light Armor / Fortify Magicka


I think the reason I enjoyed playing this build so much is because you’re like a train of death that just plows through everything, which ties nicely into the roleplay, too. You have 2 resources at your disposal, magicka and stamina, and you use them both to unleash Molag’s fury on Tamriel.

When playing I tended to empty out my magicka pool as I closed the gap with my enemies, before switching to my axe. By the time I’d cut down those in my path my magicka had regenerated and I could switch back to start the process over.

As far as shouts go, only one really fits the bill: Soul Tear. What could be better than to kill enemies with your voice of rage, capture their life essence, and force their corpse to serve you?

My Lets Become Series for the Defiled Purge

A couple of considerations:
1. Since you can only get one Headsman’s Axe, and getting more than 1 set of Stormcloak Officer’s Bracers and Boots is tricky, I recommend holding off on enchanting any of these items before maxing out Enchanting.

2. And the easiest way to get your hands on the Stormcloak Officer outfit is to follow Ralof out of Helgen. If you do that then Captain Valmir outside of Forelhost (near Riften) will be sitting outside with a full set. Killing him isn’t particularly difficult.


Molag Bal Altar

The premise of the Defiled Purge is that you have served as Molag Bal’s executioner for ages, passing back and forth between Tamriel and Coldharbor (Molag Bal’s domain within Oblivion) to carry out various dastardly deeds in his name.

One day you fell out of favor with Molag Bal and he banished you to the Soul Cairn. While there you developed an affinity for the place and came to dominate many of the souls who arrived. These are more than willing to continue to serve you whenever you may need to call upon them.

Now that Molag Bal needs you he’s given you another ‘chance’, but being a Daedric Prince and all he thought it would be funny to send you back to Tamriel in a severely weakened state. So weak that you were capture by mere humans and sentenced to die with common rebels.

Your primary objective in service to Molag Bal is to destroy the Dawnguard, fulfill the prophecy of the tyranny of the sun, and execute Harkon for being a pathetic failure.


Although not necessary for this build I always play with mods. Here are the ones I used for my playthrough:
The Defiled Purge – Mod List