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Skyrim Build: The Alinor Archer

For my first Skyrim build I’ve decided to go with something simple. Perking just 4 skills, this is my take on the bound bow-wielding elven knight. I present…

The Alinor Archer
The Alinor Archer’s are a small group of elite warriors hailing from the capital of the Summerset Isles. Forced underground by the Aldmeri Dominion the Archer’s have chosen to scatter throughout Tamriel with the intent to secure powerful artefacts and undermine the Dominion’s plans wherever possible.


Race: Altmer Female
Stat Spread: 0 Magicka / 1 Health / 1 Stamina until stamina reaches 200, after that all health.
Stone: Mage > Lord
Blessing: All Divines (see mod section below)
Perked Skills: Archery, Conjuration, Enchanting, Light Armor
Weapons: Bound Bow (dual one-handed weapons during the early levels as back up)
Armor (modded): Silver and Moonstone Circlet, Mystic Elven Armor, Gauntlets and Boots.
Armor (vanilla): Elven Armor full set
Horse: Frost
Shout: Slow-Time


Recommended Quests:

Jagged Crown
Pilgrimage of the Saints (requires mod)
Promises to Keep
The Book of Love
The Heart of Dibella
The Staff of Magnus
Touching the Sky
Unfathomable Depths

Recommended Enchantments:
Circlet – Fortify Archery/Fortify Conjuration
Armor – Fortify Conjuration/Fortify Healing Rate
Gauntlets – Fortify Archery/Fortify Magicka
Boots – Resist Frost/Resist Shock
Amulet – Fortify Archery/Fortify Conjuration
Ring – Fortify Archery/Resist Fire

The Build
The Alinor Archer is all about getting the most out of one of the most potent weapons in the game. The Archery skill tree is one of the best and by combining the enhancements from Enchanting, the DPS from the Bound Bow is mind-blowing.
The Archer herself is unafraid of battle, dealing damage at high speed equally well from long and short-range, always moving and strafing like an elegant dance of death. Even seemingly slowing down time itself due to her rapid, fluid movement. The Alinor Archer would never resort to sneaking or poison, she prefers her enemies to see her coming and feel her righteous rage as she sends them to meet the gods.
The Lord stone and the effect of Ancient Knowledge help to offset the relatively weak Elven armor set and the fact that there is no smithing. Light Armor will level very slowly so I recommend training it with Grelka in Riften.


Level 34 Perks



While the Alinor Archer doesn’t have any special moves or powers (her skill with the bow is her power), there are a couple of things you can do to further enhance her abilities, although not required by any means, you may find them useful if you want to take your playthrough to a higher level.

  • Fortify Alteration Potions increase both the duration and the slowdown effect of the Slow-Time shout.
  • Becoming a vampire and taking the Necromage perk will increase the power of the Fortify Archery enchantments on your gear, increasing damage output even further.
  • Making Enchanting Legendary after you enchant your final set of armor frees up 8 perk points which, in my own playthrough, I spent as follows: 2 more in Agile Defender, Apprentice and Adept Conjuration, Summoner 1/2, Atromancy, Elemental Potency and Twin Souls.


Recommended Mods
To get the full look and feel of this build here are some mods I recommend:


  • Real Permanent Blessings – Collect All Edition – the name of this mod pretty much says it all, this mod is required for the Pilgrimage of the Saints quest.
  • Mystic Elven Armor Replacer – this mod retextures elven armor to a very regal silvery-white.
  • Slofs Unique Frost – this mod turns Frost into a pure white stallion, more fitting for an Alinor knight.
  • Better Females by Bella – elves can actually be pretty now.
  • ApachiiSkyHair – much better hair styles.
  • Purple Eyes – allows Karliah’s violet eyes for all races.
Demo Video