Skyrim Builds

Skyrim Build: The Aetherial Engineer – Mod List

Mods used for my Aetherial Engineer build playthrough:
“.NET Script Framework”
“A Quality World Map”
“AddItemMenu – Ultimate Mod Explorer”
“Address Library for SKSE Plugins”
“AllGUD Meshses”
“Better MessageBox Controls”
“Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-”
“Common Clothes and Armors”
“Dear Diary”
“Dynamic Magicka and Stamina Growth”
“Enderal Font for Skyrim SE (Dumbledor Font)”
“Enhanced Lights and FX”
“Equipment HUD SE”
“Experience Multipliers (MCM sliders for each skill)”
“EZ2C Dialogue Menu – configurable – better navigation and control”
“FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts – FISSES”
“Immersive HUD – iHUD Special Edition”
“Immersive Sounds – Compendium”
“JContainers SE”
“Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods”
“Landscapes – Cathedral Concept”
“Majestic Mountains”
“moreHUD Inventory Edition”
“moreHUD SE”
“Mortal Enemies SE”
“Nether’s Follower Framework”
“No Collision Between Actors SSE”
“No Spinning Death Animation”
“Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K”
“Obsidian Weathers and Seasons”
“Obsidian Weathers and Seasons MCM Patch”
“Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim”
“PapyrusUtil SE – Modders Scripting Utility Functions”
“powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender”
“RaceCompatibility with fixes for SSE”
“Realistic Water Two SE”
“Skyrim Unbound Reborn”
“Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE”
“SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)”
“Static Mesh Improvement Mod”
“Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim”
“To Your Face SE and VR”
“Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch”
“VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE”
“Weathered Road Signs Fixed”
“The Timelost Dwemer – A Deep Elf Race SE 1.102”
“SkySight Skins – Ultra HD Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (4K2K HIGH)”
“SSE Standing Stones Overhaul (based on Requiem – Behind the Curtain)”
“Kagrenac’s Wisps”
“Immersive Armors”
“dwarven beam blades”
“Dwarven Aetherial Bow”
“Dwarven Aetherial Bow – Arrow Explosion Fix”
“Dwarven Field Generator”
“Dwemer Goggles and Scouter”
“A Dwemer Storage Cube SirGrimeszy Edition”
“Animated Dwarven back pack”
“Dwemer Exploding Traps Bombs and Arrows”
“Aetherial Crown”