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GAMING NEWS: #PrayforPrey

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Back at E3 one of Bethesda’s big reveals was Prey. A new game being developed by Arkane Studios. Not to be
confused with, Prey, another game published by Bethesda back in 2006. Also not to be confused with Prey 2, a game
cancelled by Bethesda back in 2014.

No, according to Arkane director Raphael Colantonio, Prey which is not Prey, is quote: “Not a sequel. It’s not a remake. It has no tie with the original. You have to look at it like a reimagining of the idea.”

Don’t bother asking why they didn’t just call it something else.

If you’re not confused yet, don’t worry, this story gets better. Despite what you may have taken away from the
trailer, Colantonio said quote: “It’s not horror. The psychological-thriller dimension is more around the theme of
identity. Who are you exactly as Morgan?”

He also wanted to clarify that the game is quote “not just shooting. It’s more like a hybrid game where there’s narrative mixed with action mixed with a little bit of an RPG layer.”

All I can say is thank god this is being developed by Arkane Studios. If it was one of Bethesda Game Studios new projects, by that description, it sounds like an even more dumbed down version of Fallout 4.

The game does have combat though. Combining traditional weapons like shotguns with quote: “some gadgets” and powers learned from aliens.

All in all it sounds a awful lot like Dishonored which probably shouldn’t be surprising that it’s coming from the
same studio, and Colantonio said as much in the interview without actually naming Dishonored, when he said:
quote “If you like Arkane games, those game that blend narratives and simulation and some choices and a lot of player exploration. Prey is going to be that game for you.”

Let’s pray that Prey which is not Prey…is at least good.