EU4 – Timelapse – Ulm’s United Europe

As requested here is my attempt at a large empire starting as Ulm without ever allying Austria. Ended the game with 120k troops and a fleet of 150 heavies and 70 transports. Income ~300 ducats a month mostly from trade. Unfortunately I ran out of time to clean up my borders with Scandanavia and Poland. But it was still a good run!

Mods Used:
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Carthoge Reloaded) – More Opacity + Dark Borders
A Rev. Font Mod – White

Europa Universalis 4: The Stage is Set – By Andreas Waldetoft
Europa Universalis 4: Battle of Breitenfeld – By Andreas Waldetoft
Crusader Kings 2: Royal Marriage – By Andreas Waldetoft
Europa Universalis 4: Ride Forth Victoriously – By Andreas Waldetoft

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